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Lazy Bitches #ridgeback

What could go wrong!

5 burners. No waiting.

Little Bo Peep has no more sheep. Don’t worry, they were vegetarians. #lamb #prep

Stay off Drugs Kids

On this day in 1999 we lost the greatest filmmaker to ever live. Luckily his films make him immortal and we are all the better for it. 

"I believe that drugs are basically of more use to the audience than to the artist. I think that the illusion of oneness with the universe, and absorption with the significance of every object in your environment, and the pervasive aura of peace and contentment is not the ideal state for an artist. It tranquilizes the creative personality, which thrives on conflict and on the clash and ferment of ideas. The artist’s transcendence must be within his own work; he should not impose any artificial barriers between himself and the mainspring of his subconscious. One of the things that’s turned me against LSD is that all the people I know who use it have a peculiar inability to distinguish between things that are really interesting and stimulating and things that appear so in the state of universal bliss the drug induces on a good trip. They seem to completely lose their critical faculties and disengage themselves from some of the most stimulating areas of life. Perhaps when everything is beautiful, nothing is beautiful.” - Stanley Kubrick

The Haz-Oscars

Sunday night, most of you and most of the country, tuned in to watch the 86th annual Academy Awards. As filmmakers and cinephiles we view at these awards as an opportunity to air our own opinions. Like many of our like-minded friends we sometimes (or often) disagree with the decisions of the Academy, though this year proved to be one of the better ones, with awards going to many of the winners we agree with. So, it is with that spirit that we give you:

The Haz-Oscars: Or how we learned to stop worrying about the Oscars and make our own Best Picture list. (It’s a Dr. Strangelove reference. Look it up.)

2013 was a very eclectic year in film. There was the story of a boy falling in love (Mud), a girl falling in love with another girl (Blue is the Warmest Color), a man accused of young love (The Hunt), a woman drowning in her own sorrow (Blue Jasmine), a man drowning… or not (All is Lost), a free man sold into slavery (12 Years a Slave), an astronaut alone in space (Gravity), a failed musician (Inside Llewyn Davis), a wounded heart (Her) and two struggling artists (Cutie and the Boxer). Whew! You may or may not have noticed that this is not the list of Best Picture nominees from the Academy Awards; for one thing they only nominated 9 films. No, this is a list that we feel represents the greatest achievements in filmmaking for the year 2013.

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We walk by scenes everyday and never stop to look - until they look at back.

The Oscars don’t always get it right, but we do. ;o) Here is our Top 10 of 2013!

1. #InsideLlewynDavis (Coen Brothers)
2. #12YearsASlave (Steve McQueen)
3. #Her (Spike Jonze)
4. #Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
5. #Mud (Jeff Nichols)
6. #BlueJasmine (Woody Allen)
7. #CutieAndTheBoxer (Zachary Heinzerling)
8. #BlueIsTheWarmestColor (Abdellatif Kechiche)
9. #TheHunt (Thomas Vinterberg)
10. #AllIsLost (J.C. Chandor)

Don’t worry. The cow was vegan.

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